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Transffer your hostinger domain in your blog

Log in your hostinger account simply type your username with password and click the log in the bottom.
You can see your domain which you have buried from hostinger. you should go to the DNS ZONE.
After selecting the DNS ZONE you can find A (Host). Now you must click the add new bottom it will be open one white box that you should fill up the number that is 1. . After past, this code then clicks the save bottom. Second-time clicks the add new and copies this code 2. then past the second box just save it. The third time it is also the same process just copy 3. and past this code in the third box then save it. Four-time clicks the add new after that copy 4. just past in the last box then save it. After successfully applied this process, you have to fill up the CNAME (Alias). Open your blog and go to the setting just click the + Set up a third party URL for your blog then put your new domain name thereafter save it. now you can find them that is for example,

Name, Label, or Host field     Destination,  Target, or Point to Field
4hu4hjr3nhp                   gv-kgdemwesiw5dfdf gv- google
You can see like this then simply copy it www and past the first Host box after that copy the and past the first Point to box then save it. Second time click the add new copythe second Host and past the second Host box thereafter copy the point to and past the second point to box then save it. Now you need to come to your blog and rewrite your new domain then save it after few second just open your browser and type your domain name and search. You have successfully transfer your hostinger domain in your blog. Thank you for visiting my site. If you want to buy a domain name then buy from hostinger site because you will get the cheap domain. Our site is offering that how to make money online. If you want to earn money from online so visit our site per day. If you want to buy a domain name from hostinger so watch my previous post with video.


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