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How to ad in-feed ads to blogger

How to ad in-feed ads to blogger 

How to ad in-feed ads to blogger, ad in-feed ads to blogger
ad in-feed ads to blogger

Google Adsense is releasing the latest features to increase the publisher revenue and providing the best user experience. So many publishers have been using the Blogspot platform and many bloggers are looking for increasing their revenue. They want to install in-feed ads to their Blogspot from Adsense because this type of Adsense ads only specifically for the front page of the blog post.
hi everyone welcomes back to seven star tech, today I am going to tell you how to add Adsense in-feed ads to your Blogspot complete process. This tutorial will guide you with how to create a native in-feed ad unit in the blog and where to past the in-feed ads unit code inside your HTML code.

1. Log in your Adsense account.

2. Click the ads.
3. Click the ads unit. now you will see the new ad unit.
4. Click the new ad unit.

After that, you can see the three different type of ads they are text and display ads, in-feed ads, in article ads.

5. Select the in-feed ads.
6. Click the get start.
7. Copy your site URL.

8. Past there.

9. Select the desktop.
10. Click the scan the page.
11. Click the next.
12. Type your ad unit name whatever you want.
13. Click the save and get the code. now you can see the code.
14. Go to your blog and click the theme.
15. After that, you will see the edit theme.
16. Click the edit theme.
17. Type Ctrl + F then you will see the search box.
18. Copy this code.
20. <b:if cond='data:post.includead'> 21.  Past this code in the search box then type enter.
21. So you will see the yellow color code.
22. Copy the in-feed ad code from Adsense.
23 Past the code under dev then save the theme.

Now you are able to see ads inside your post. Thank you for visiting my site please follow our site.  So whenever we update a new post you will get a notification on your phone or pc. if you have a  misunderstanding please comment me, I will help you as soon as possible.


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