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My YouTube channel is still under review fix it now

My YouTube channel is still under review fix it now,under review
My YouTube channel is still under review fix it now
So in this post, I will talk about why your YouTube channel is still under review and how to fix it. At the underlying stage when YouTube was begun the makers can acquire cash from their first view, however on 2017 YouTube accomplice program has been changed. The strategy is said that you ought to get least 10000 perspectives to adapt your channel. In the wake of getting 10K perspectives, you will be checked on and your channel will be adapted. Be that as it may, on Jan 2018 YouTube has changed their program once more. The new standard is your channel should finish 4000 hours watch time inside most recent a year and ought to get 1000 Subscribers. It isn't just for new makers yet in addition for the makers who have not to achieve this objective yet. Presently, numerous Youtubers has finished this objective yet in the adaptation area, YouTube says that your application is under survey.

 Why your channel is still under review?

 There are a few purposes behind it. I will talk about one by one. As a matter of first importance, I might want to state that, there are countless applications is submitted to YouTube for survey reason, so due to that there will take some additional time. In the adaptation page, YouTube has just said that "Application for the YouTube accomplice program is still in a build-up. We would like to have the option to audit all open application by end of April". So companions please sit tight for two or three weeks and if your channel keeps up all the accomplice program strategies which are given by Adsense then you can adapt your channel. In the event that you break the network rules, at that point disregard adaptation. In the beneath segment, I will talk about another motivation behind why YouTube does not adapt your channel.

My YouTube channel is still under review fix it now,under review youtube channel

Do you have a copyright strike on your YouTube channel ??


In the event that you have just one copyright strike in your channel, at that point you are not ready to adapt. On the off chance that you erase this video or on the off chance that the video is erased by the petitioner, at that point, the strike needs 3 months to terminate. You can send withdrawal solicitation to the copyright proprietor by through mail or you can get in touch with them through YouTube private informing highlight.


Is your substance publicist well disposed ??


Your Content ought to have publicist well disposed. It implies the video which you transfer on your channel it ought to be appropriate for promoting. In the event that the sponsor does not found any substance from your channel according to their prerequisite then they won't give any advertisements in your video. So before making your recordings or begin another channel please followadvertiser-accommodating substance rules.

Try not to post any kinds of sexual substance, Harmful or perilous substance, scornful substance and fierce substance

Try not to transfer any kind of sexual substance in your channel in light of the fact that YouTube isn't for explicitly express substance. In the event that you transfer these sorts of recordings on your channel, it will be restricted soon. Try not to transfer any unsafe substance that urges others to do things that may make them get seriously hurt.

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