How to make money online

Earn $200 Per Month By Watching Videos

1. Make $200+ a Month Watching Videos
Getting paid to watch movies sound too good to be true, right?
Believe it or not, there are many sites that pay you to do just that!
The pay is pretty terrible at just a couple cents per video, but there’s a neat hack you can use to make the most in the shortest amount of time.
Here’s what to do:
In the event that you have any unused, obsolete hardware lounging around, why not given them something to do winning you cash!?
Just set them up to auto-play the videos, and watch the pennies roll in!
Some people can earn $200+ per month with this method.
Both Swagbucks and EarnHoney work with this method.
2.                 Get Cash Back on Your Online Purchases
Do you shop online? If so, you might want to look into joining a cash-back website.
When you shop through them at a vendor like Amazon or Walmart, you'll procure a little rate back for all that you purchase!
Depending on the site, the percentage can range from 1-70+%, so as you can see it’s really all over the place.
Here are the best cash back websites:
  • Ebates (get $10 for free when you sign up) (read my review)
  • MyPoints
  • Shop at home
  • BeFrugal
  • MrRebates
  • Extrabux
  • Ibotta (app) (read my review)
  • Dosh (app) (read my review)
3.                 Earn $30/Hour Testing Websites
Want to help webmasters build better websites?
Sites like UserTesting connect webmasters looking for an opinion on their sites to people who want to earn money for testing websites.

Freelance site testing can earn you well above minimum wage. But tests are not always available, and when they are people snatch them up pretty quickly. On the off chance that you need to bring home the bacon doing this, make sure to acknowledge the offers immediately.
Here are  few more site testing websites (lol):
  • Intelli Zoom
  • WhatUsersDo
  • TestingTime
  • Userlytics
  • UserTest
  • TryMyUI

14.                 Get Rewarded for Staying Healthy
Everyone knows it’s important to stay health but few know it can help your bank account too! There are actually a number of health and fitness apps that pay you to stay healthy. Really!
Achievement is an app that actually pays you for staying healthy. It connects to more than 30 health, fitness, and lifestyle apps and rewards you points based on activities like walking, meditating, and logging food, and even sleeping!
Once you reach 10,000 points, you can redeem them for $10!
Apparently, points can take a long time to earn, so don’t expect to download the app and cash in your earnings by tomorrow.
Genuine app and site is bellow:-

  • HealthyWage
  • Sweatcoin
  • StepBet
  • DietBet


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